Faculty of Science

Friends of the Garden shares the bounty

Student Jane Wilson and  friends of the Garden member Sarah Lee

Jane Wilson (left), a second year student in the Professional Geology program, receives a congratulatory letter from Friends of the Garden member Sarah Lee. The Friends are continuing a 16 year tradition of using the prcoeeds of the Spring Plant Sale to award students with bursaries. So far, the Friends have given out $40,000 in bursaries to 40 undergraduate students.

The Annual Friends of the Garden Luncheon on October 17 celebrated the bursary awards given to three undergraduate recipients.  Jane Wilson in her second year of the Professional Geology program, Brian Robertson in his third year of the Specialization module in Biology and Joshua Farhi in his fourth year of the Honors Specialization in Biology module each received one thousand dollars towards the tuition for the next term.

The Friends of the Garden is an all volunteer group whose energies are directed at enriching the lives, of not only members of the Faculty of Science, but the University community as a whole.  In addition to planting and maintaining several gardens around campus, the Friends share their bounties with the community via their annual plant sale.  The proceeds of these plant sales enrich the lives of our students.