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Gordon McBean on the Sunday Edition

Gordon McBean

Gordon McBean

Gordon McBean, Co-Director of the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at Western and president-elect of the International Council for Science, has been called on by the CBC to shed light on the freedom of science communication in Canada.

On the March 3 episode of “The Sunday Edition” Michael Enright presented Muzzling Science.  The feature analysed the circumstances which led to last summer’s "The Death of Evidence" event where frustrated government scientists took part in a mock funeral on Parliament Hill.

At the time of the interview, McBean had just returned from an international meeting in Brazil, where dismayed scientists asked him about what was happening in Canada.  Where once scientists employed by the federal government were free to speak to journalists, they are now told when, if and how to communicate with the press. McBean took this moment to reflect on how the communication of complex scientific ideas were handled when he was assistant deputy minister at Environment Canada, from 1994 to 2000 compared to how those same issues are dealt with today.
Listen to the segment here.