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Biologist Jeremy McNeil receives Distinguished University Professorship

Biology professor Jeremy McNeil’s research on physiology and chemical ecology is world-renowned. He has published nearly 200 papers and his
Prof. Jeremy McNeil

Prof. Jeremy McNeil

work on pheromone production in true armyworm populations in North America is the most detailed and comprehensive study of any migrant lepidopteran species.

At Western since 2004, McNeil’s research details a complex communication network between plants and insects and, more broadly, between hosts and parasites, and was revolutionary in this field, leading to practical applications to pest management and crop production in Canada.

Brock Fenton, professor emeritus (Biology) and former department chair, said insects are McNeil’s passion, woven through his academic career, and he works tirelessly to realize the university’s potential surrounding entomology.

“I know few other academics whose record demonstrates such exceptional contributions across the spectrum, from teaching, to research, to service,” Fenton said. “In any of these categories, McNeil has been an outstanding colleague.”

A member of the Royal Society of Canada, McNeil served as scientific director at Western’s Biotron as well as regularly serving on numerous committees at the departmental, faculty and university level. He was a member of the Ministry of Health Advisory Board on pesticides, served as president of the Entomology Society of Canada and president of the International Society of Chemical Ecology, and currently serves on the executive for the InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences and the board of the Canadian Council of Academies.