Faculty of Science

Centres & Facilities


AFAR is a world-class facility at the University of Western Ontario for interdisciplinary studies of birds. Researchers at AFAR come together from a variety of disciplines to explore how birds work, and how they respond to their environment

Laboratory for Stable Isotopes

The laboratory conducts research across the range of stable isotope science, including bioarchaeology, biology, ecology, environmental science, geochemistry, geology, hydrology/hydrogeology, meteoritics and paleoclimatology

Environmental Western Field Station

The station is located on a new University owned 33 ha. farm site about 13 km. to the north. This site has become a unique inter and multidisciplinary research station for the Faculty of Science with this department one of the major users

The Biotron

The Biotron Experimental Climate Change Research Centre is a unique, purpose built facility housing specialized environmental chambers, laboratories and equipment dedicated to research in the fields of environmental sciences, biotechnologies and engineering.


The Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research (CAMBR) at The University of Western Ontario provides a cohesive presence and collective vision for the Faculties, Departments, laboratories and facilities whose researchers work on materials and biomaterials



The Centre for Environment and Sustainability (C.E.S.) was formed in recognition of Western's dedication to, and support for, environmental studies. Dynamic growth in the areas of environmental and sustainable research across a broad spectrum of disciplines necessitated a need to consolidate of research talent into a single collective and foster environmental education.

interface sciences


Interface Science Western affiliates faculty, technical and research staff, and graduate students in association with the departments of Chemistry, and Physics and Astronomy at Western University combine to form ISW. The diversity of the group allows for a wide variety of facilities to be available to each researcher. ISW is a dyamnic environment continually interested in increasing the resources and potential of the group through Recruiting and Research.


The Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra (ORCCA) performs fundamental research and development in mathematical software, focusing on computer algebra. The Centre was founded in 1999 with the support of government and private sector sources.


POLARIS is a Canadian geophysical research consortium focused on investigation of structure and dynamics of the Earth's lithosphere and the prediction of earthquake ground motion

Purple Crow LIDAR

The PCL is a laser radar (lidar) which operates from the Echo Base Observatory located at Western's Environmental Science Field Station. The powerful laser emits pulses of light as bright as simultaneously turning on 1 million 75 W light bulbs! The laser light scatters off air molecules

Western Nanofabrication Facility

To foster, support and sustain advanced research in biotechnology and nanotechnology in a wide range of disciplines including physics, engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine while maintaining a clean and safe working environment


SHARCNET is a consortium of Canadian academic institutions who share a network of high performance computers. With this infrastructure we enable world-class academic research. SHARCNET is one of seven HPC consortia in Canada that operates under the umbrella of Compute/Calcul Canada

Surface Science Western

Surface Science Western (SSW) is a consulting and research laboratory specializing in the analysis and characterization of surfaces and materials. The high quality, reliable analytical services provided to our clients have facilitated development and production, decreased costly returns, innovated processes and increased


The Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration hosts Canada’s only graduate program in planetary science and has a vibrant public education and outreach program. We provide national leadership by running short courses, workshops, and field trips and by leading Canada’s membership in the NASA Lunar Science Institute


The Canadian Lunar Research Network (CLRN) is a new organization of Canadian scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from all across Canada. Our goal is to promote lunar research, foster collaboration among Canadian researchers and international partners, and extend our enthusiasm of lunar exploration to the general public.


The Soochow University-Western University Centre (SWC) for Synchrotron Radiation Research is an international collaborative research centre promoting synchrotron science. The Centre is committed to conduct cutting-edge research by accessing world-class synchrotron facilities and to train the next generation synchrotron experts through the 2+2 joint Ph.D. and other programs.