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To add or drop...

Adding and Dropping of courses takes place throughout the Academic Year. Various deadlines are set and are listed in the Academic Calendar under sessional dates. It is your responsibility to make sure you meet these dates.

Make sure you understand the consequences of dropping a course. Does it affect a scholarship? Does it affect dean's honor list? Will it affect being eligible for a scholarship or award or the program or professional program of your choice? Scholarships and Awards and Dean's Honor List all require 5.0 courses to be eligible, as do some programs and professional schools.

*If you do not pass a prerequisite in A term required for a B term course - you must drop the B term course or ask for special permission to remain in that course.*


During this phase, you may add/drop courses with the Department(s) if you have been unable to resolve your course and program/module requirements for the current term during Extended Registration on the web. After you have added or dropped a course with the Department(s), you must submit your completed Add/Drop form to the Academic Counselling Office of your Faculty for approval.

Click here for the Add/Drop Form (.pdf).

What does a dropped course look like on your record?

If you drop before the add deadline then the course will not show on your record.
If you drop between the add deadline and the drop deadline for each term your course will show as a withdrawn (WDN) on your record.
If you drop after the drop deadline period your course will show up as an F (40%) on your record.

Degree/Module Change Request:

Degree/Module Change Request...

Degree/Module changes are completed by doing a change of status form.

This form is used to request changes to your degree/module(s) in the following situations:

  • you forgot to complete your Intent to Register
  • you need to change the degree/module(s) you selected during Intent to Register [please wait until you see your adjudication results]
  • your eligibility has changed due to summer results and you need to be in a specific module to have access to required courses
  • you were not here in during the 2012/2013 academic year and are returning to Western for next academic year

Please complete ALL sections of the form in any of these situations.  You can bring it to our office OR fax it to 519-661-3703 OR scan the completed form and e-mail it to us at scibmsac@uwo.ca

Change of Status Form

Intent to Register (ITR):

coming soon

Letter of Permission (LOP):

coming soon

Special Permissions:

To get special permission...

If you are unable to add a course through web registration and are not sure why, look at the 'Notes' section of the online timetable  and the Academic Calendar (Undergraduate Course Information) as they are the first resources you should use to help you understand why this may be the case.


To request special permission to register in a course for which you do not have the required pre-requisite(s):

  • Contact the Departmental Counsellor in the department that offers the course. So, for example, to request special permission to take an Applied Math course, contact the Applied Math Department. Provide them your name, student number, the course you want to register in and the reason why you can't register in it directly.  [For courses offered by departments in other faculties, search for the departmental web site and look for undergraduate counselling contacts.]

To request special permission to take more than 5.0 courses in the Fall/Winter term

  • E-mail our academic counselling team (scibmsac@uwo.ca) with your request - include your name, student number, course you plan to take, and the reason for requesting to take a course overload. [Note that you need at least a 70% average (on a full academic load) in the previous academic year to be considered for a course overload.]

To request special permission to take a course at an Affiliate College:

Students may be able to enroll in certain Affiliate College courses themselves if the relevant course(s) are not offered on main during the same session, so try adding the course via web registration, and follow these special permission request steps below if you were unsuccessful in enrolling. 
  1. Check the online Academic Timetable when looking up a specific course.  If the 'Notes' section indicates that 'home faculty permission' is required and you were unable to add the course via web registration, first send an email to our academic counselling team with your request (scibmsac@uwo.ca).
  2. If the Academic Timetable does not indicate that 'home faculty permission' is required nor that the course is restricted, your first step is to contact the specific Affiliate College that offers the course you are interested in taking.  If they grant you permission to take the course, they can email our academic counselling team the special permission details.
Note that if the 'Notes' in the online timetable indicate that the course is restricted to a specific group of students, you will not be able to register in that course unless you are part of those groups.


  • Your home faculty academic counselling team needs to be informed...
  • If a Science / BMSC student has a special permission recommendation (i.e., from the department counsellor or affiliate college) or request, it should be forwarded (ideally emailed) to our counselling team - scibmsac@uwo.ca

What happens once our academic counselling team receives your recommendation or request for special permission?

  • An academic counsellor assesses your special permission request...
  • If approved, you will see your special permission on Student Center
    • Once you have logged in, follow the link labelled 'View Special Permissions'
    • please be patient in waiting for these to be posted - this is an extremely busy time of year!
  • If not approved, one of our academic counsellors will email you to explain


To enroll in a course for which you have been granted special permission

  • If the special permission has been posted to Student Center, call the Helpline (519-661-2100), and ask them to enroll you in the relevant course(s); they can do this for you after your enrollment appointment (date) for as long as web registration is open
  • If you have been granted permission to enroll in an extra course load, you can add the extra full year or first term course(s) on August 26, 2013 or later by calling the Helpline, or January 6, 2014 for second term courses.