Faculty of Science

Future Students


Are you considering Western Science/Basic Medical Sciences as your academy of choice? Congratulations! You are considering an excellent academic path, filled with choice, support services, award-winning faculty and more! Please check out our Science Viewbook for information about our faculty and what we offer.

To help with your decision we have provided some links below. Please review these prior to contacting our office directly. Although we would like to be able to meet with all future students we simply can't. We hope these links and additional information to what you have already gathered will help you in your decision making.  We encourage you to visit our campus during our open houses to meet staff, students and faculty members. Can't make it to an open house? Western offers campus and residence tours all year long!

Western Science/Basic Medical Sciences, hopes to see you at Western this fall!

Campus Tours

Visit: WELCOME to WESTERN site for all the details.

Meet with an Academic Adviser

It is best to meet with an Academic Adviser during our two scheduled open houses (November and March), as we don't have a dedicated future student adviser in Science. However, we know this is a big decision to make and we hope these FAQ's will help in your decision and we will do our best to answer your more specific questions if they aren't answered here if you email us at scibmsac@uwo.ca

Interested in More than Science?

Great! The module system at Western allows for students to take modules from different faculties. You can combine your Science with something from Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Music etc! Don't give up your other passion. However don't worry about decisions for enrollment into another faculty until you are at Western. Selection into two modules doesn't happen in year one. Concentrate on your foundation couress in year one that will lead to the entry into what you want in year two. Review the Academic Calendar faculty information for more details based on what you are wanting to do. Also your Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) counsellor will help you with course decisions that are required for two modules, if there are any.


All fee related questions need to be asked to the Registrar's office. http://www.registrar.uwo.ca/

Status of Admission?

All admission questions need to be asked to Registrar's office. Our Counselling office doesn't handle admissions. Admissions at Western are done centrally.  http://www.registrar.uwo.ca/

Assessing Transfer Credits

Unfortunately our office doesn't assess transfer credits until after you have accepted your offer to Western. If you are trying to decide if you have potential transfer credits please visit: http://www.registrar.uwo.ca/course_enrollment/transfer_credit.html

High School Course Equivalency

Not graduating from an Ontario High School? You need to ensure your high school courses are equivalent to Ontario High School courses required for courses in Calculus, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry. High School courses will not be evaluated until you accept your offer of admission to Western. Then departments in Science will review your courses - you need to provide them with course outlines in English. If you don't meet the Ontario High School standards don't worry there are options. Weeble Adult Education offers the Ontario High School courses or you could take the introductory courses at Western.

Still more questions?

Please visit the FAQ section to the left. More specific questions relating to Science or Basic Medical Sciences can be sent to scibmsac@uwo.ca

Remember all first year students will have the chance to attend (in person or via phone) Summer Academic Orientation (SAO). Here you will connect with a faculty or staff member one-on-one to discuss your course selection for the fall, get all your quesitons answered and register in your courses. It is a great first year experience offered by Western! When you come to SAO stop by Western Science/Basic Medical Sciences Academic Counselling office and see where the hub of all your future questions will be answered by dedicated and experienced counsellors.

Remember that for all Science and Basic Medical Science Students in year one - the courses you will be taking will lead you into your module (program of choice) in year 2. Students in first year take 5.0 courses. Most courses are half year (0.5).

Thinking about Medical Sciences? Great. Keep in mind that MedSci students are actually still Science students in year 1 and 2. Students aren't in Medical Sciences until year 3.  All academic counselling for all Science and Basic Medical Science students is done through our office.