Faculty of Science


The video features Science Intern Zahra Farid on the job at HORIBA-PTI

"Enrolling in the Western Science Internship program was probably one of the best decisions I made in my undergrad. It gave me much needed work experience, a network of contacts for when I graduate, and a taste for what a career in science is really like."

Ryan Vanderkruk, BMSc Intern, Sanofi Pasteur



As part of the Science Internship Program, 3rd year students may be eligible to participate in 8 - 16 month career-related placements, before returning to Western to complete their final year, Year 4, of their program.

As a Science intern, you will not only benefit from the paid hands-on work experience, but you will also be mentored by a professional in the field. While working, you will have access to the most up-to-date techniques and equipment. This interaction will help identify long-term goals, as well as allow you to "try a career on for size".

While acquiring valuable work experience, you will obtain first-hand knowledge of available career options, which will help you identify future plans. In a number of cases, Internship placements have led to full-time employment upon graduation, while in other instances Interns have made valuable contacts who have then helped the students to secure employment at a later date.

The average annual salaries for 2013 were as follows:

Actuarial Science

$42,640 to $44,567

Computer Science

$39,468 to $60,320

Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology

$28,600 to $47,755

Medical Sciences, Pharmacology, Physiology

$28,600 to $47,755

Biochemistry, Chemistry

$33,150 to $48,667

Environmental Science

$47,755 to $55,200

Geophysics, Physics, Earth Sciences

$28,548 to $44,529