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Photo Of The Day Release

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Please complete the following Photo Release form. The content provided herein will be kept on file for legal purposes. To assure for functionality, the following browsers are recommended: Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.  The form does not respond well to Explorer.

Content provided in the MANDATORY sections (m) of the form must be completed or the submitted photos will not be considered for publication.

After you submit the form below, there will be a window thanking you for your submission which will also contain a link to WeTransfer where you can send up to two Gb of files. Just insert mzimmer4@uwo.ca as "Friend's email" and then add your files.

Thank you for your input and cooperation.

Mitchell Zimmer
Communications Officer
Western Science


  • confirm that I own the following photograph(s). I release all my rights in and consent to the use of these files for all legal purposes (including, without limitation, advertising, display, editorial, packaging, promotion, television, etc.) by Western University. For each photograph listed please include a brief descriptive identifier of the subject. For example "Superconductor chilled with liquid nitrogen levitates a magnet"
If there are any difficulties submitting this form, please send us an email at mzimmer4@uwo.ca