Online Modules

Online Modules

These free (no registration required) self-paced modules prepared by Teaching Support Centre staff and our colleagues at other Ontario universities cover six topics in higher education. Each module offers evidence-based practices and activities.

Active Learning

Use active learning to spark the interests of your students by creating a more engaging learning experience.

Assessment Strategies

Increase your understanding of the importance of assessment in the process of student learning and motivation.

Ethical Principles and Professionalism in University Teaching

This module focuses upon the ethical principles and concepts of professionalism for higher education and teaching.

Globalization of Learning

This module provides an introduction into inclusive education, student diversity, interculturalizing the curriculum and teaching across cultures in various academic settings.

How Students Learn

Understanding your students as learners – with their unique goals, motivations, beliefs and learning practices – will help you be a better teacher.

Principles of Course Design

introduces the course design process and provides several best practices for creating and redesigning your course