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NXT ResponseCard Clicker

The PressWestern project facilitates the implementation and support of audience response devices or "clickers" at Western University. PressWestern provides information and support for clickers to students, instructors, and administration.

Western's officially-supported audience response system is TurningPoint by Turning Technologies. The TurningPoint system includes desktop software for presenting and for collecting responses, a PowerPoint integration, physical clickers, and virtual clickers, known as ResponseWare.

Getting Started

Students and Audience


For students or audience members in a course or presentation that uses clickers who want to know how to get started and use clickers.

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Instructors and Presenters

Presenter teaching in front of a class

For instructors or presenters wanting to use or learn more about audience response systems and clickers at Western.

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The PressWestern project is supported by Western University, Information Technology Services (ITS), the Instructional Technology Resource Centre (ITRC), Turning Technologies, and the Teaching Support Centre (TSC).
Western University Information Technology Services Instructional Technology Resource Centre Turning Technologies Canada Teaching Support Centre