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Undergraduate Courses

Visual Arts History 1041A - Art, Visual Culture, and Power - VAC 247

This introductory course serves as a starting point to study the foundations of art history. It focuses on the social role of art, architecture and culture, particularly in terms of the way that visual culture relates to propaganda, power and struggle.

May 16- June 3, 2016
Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 11:30 am
0.5 course

Prof. Sprengler

Visual Arts Studio 1020 - Foundations of Visual Arts - VAC 130A

A studio course designed to introduce students to techniques and processes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media; the theoretical concepts which inform and direct studio practice will be emphasized.

May 16- June 24, 2016
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
1.0 course

Prof. Madelska

Visual Arts Studio 3322A - Advanced Sculpture and Installation I - VAC 302

A continuation of making art in three dimensions, and the expansive materials, ideas and techniques of contemporary sculpture. Students will experiment with a variety of fabrication methods, including woodworking, metalwork, moldmaking, casting, and 3D rendering software. Emphasis will be placed on the conceptual and material development of students' individual interests.

May 16- June 3, 2016
Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
0.5 course

Prof. Jazvac

Course Number Course Title Instructor
VAH 1041B

Art, Visual Culture and Power                                                                                                

Plus Tutorial Sections 002, 003, 004, 005 ,006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011

VAH 1045A

Collecting Art and Culture                                                                                                        

Plus Tutorial Sections 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010

VAH 2242F History of Photography Bassnett
VAH 2247E Greek Art Wilson
VAH 2252F Early Medieval Art Brush
VAH 2269G Renaissances, 15-16TH Century Villar
VAH 2272G Canadian Art Bassnett
VAH 2287G Sexuality in Modern Visual Culture Aylen
VAH 3387G History of Art and Interior Design Elliott
VAH 3392F Special Topics in Art History: Imag(in)ing the Afterlife in Medieval Art Stead
VAH 3394F Special Topics in Art History: Latin American Art Villar
VAH 3395G Special Topics in Art History: Papadatos
VAH 3396G Special Topics in Art History: Contemporary Art: "The Artist and The Archive" James
VAH 4477G Seminar in Modern Art: Modern Art: "Art, Film & Urban Life in the 1920s" Elliott
VAH 4478F Seminar in Contemporary Art Bassnett
VAH 4485E Curatorial Practice: Special Project Robertson
Course Number Course Title Instructor
VAS 1020 Visual Arts Foundation Studio Johnson
VAS 1025 001 Advanced Visual Arts Foundation Studio Merritt
VAS 1025 002 Advanced Visual Arts Foundation Studio Madelska
VAS 2100A Image Explorations Shepherd
VAS 2104A Drawing Explorations Klassen
VAS 2104B Drawing Explorations Klassen
VAS 2105B Explorations 3: Making Art with Accessible Technology Sneppova
VAS 2204A Inroduction to Drawing Carney
VAS 2210 001 Drawing/Painting Glabush
VAS 2210 002 Drawing/Painting Moodie
VAS 2216B Introduction to Painting Neudorf/Glabush
VAS 2222A Sculpture, Installation and Performance I Jazvac
VAS 2224B Sculpture, Installation and Performance II
VAS 2236A Introduction to Printmaking  Johnson
VAS 2236B Introduction to Printmaking  Carney
VAS 2246A Digital Photography Solti
VAS 2246B Digital Photography Wood
VAS 2250 Introduction to Contemporary Media Migone
VAS 2274A Art Now! I Hallows
VAS 2275B Art Now! II Migone
VAS 2282A Honours Studio Seminar I Moodie
VAS 3300 Advanced Drawing Howlett
VAS 3310 Advanced Painting Glabush
VAS 3330 Advanced Printmaking Johnson
VAS 3340 Advanced Photography Carney
VAS 3356A Advanced Media Art Sneppova
VAS 3382B Honours Studio Seminar II Moodie
VAS 4430 Practicum Jazvac/Howlett
VAS 4485E Curatorial Practice: Special Projects Robertson
VAS 4451A Advanced Media Art (cross-listed with VAS 3356A) Sneppova
VAS 4452A Advanced Media Art (cross-listed with VAS 3356A) Sneppova