Western's Caucus on Women's Issues Essay Award

Women's Caucus Essay Awards


Award: $200.00 (for one graduate and one undergraduate student)
Submission Deadline: Tuesday 30 April 2013
Questions or more information:

The Women’s Caucus Essay Award recognizes students whose creativity, scholarship and understanding of issues facing women in society and across cultures demonstrate a strong grasp of feminist theory and practice. Both graduate and undergraduate essays are invited and a prize will be awarded in each category.


  • Essay must by an original work (i.g. term paper, seminar paper) written within the current academic year
  • Maximum length: 3000 words - undergraduate, 6000 words - graduate
  • Essay must be on a topic that involves feminist research about women
  • Written in a scholarly but accessible style
  • Collaborative efforts welcome, award will be shared
  • Submissions welcome from any discipline

Please submit your essay to Marg Sloan by

  1. Delivering your essay to the circulation desk in the D.B. Weldon Library to Marg Sloan’s attention. Four paper copies (not electronic) are required. 

  2. OR Emailing your essay to in PDF format.

  3. Including full contact information (email and phone number), your department, your student number and whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

Previous Essay Award Winners

Click on the winner's name to read the essay.


Erin Tolley  -  The Influence of Political Culture on the Political Participation of Women in Two Provinces: A Case Study of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan

Murrielle Gaetane Michaud  -  Washerwomen and Whoremongers: The Personal Journal of Xanthippe


Zena Sharman  -  Madness, Violence, and the Myth of the "Good" Mother: Media Representations of Dr. Suzanne Killinger-Johnson


Danielle Picard  -  The Man Who Played Well for a Woman: Billy Tipton’s Life as a Passing Woman


Jenna Flannigan  -  Artful Hunger: Exploring Cultural Influences and the Lives of Women Coping with Self-Harm

Lilianne Dang  -  Heaven and Earth: An Exploration of Race, Representation and Spectatorship


Lauren Starr  -  Not Just Daddy's Little Girl: An Examination of the Barriers to Women's Political Participation and of the Women Who Overcame Them

Angela Turner  -  “Most People Need Constant Reminders Not To Presume Heterosexuality:” Institutionalized Heterosexuality, Lesbianism and the Oppression of Women In The Workforce


Colleen Daniher   -  From Green Gables to Shangri-L.A.: Uncovering the Path of Feminism in Adolescent Literature

Zahra Kara  -  HiPhOP FeMiNiSm

Tammy Johnston  -  Listen to Their Stories: Foreign Exotic Dancers in Canada


Sarah Gabhrial  -  Negotiating Feminist Identities in Islam: Questions and Conversations for an International Feminisms Project


Elan Paulson  -  Digital Editing As Feminist Experimental Literary Adaptation 

Carolyn Hill  -  A Feminist Invitation: A Painted Response to Feminist Invitations


Jennifer Birse - Erasing Difference: The Implications in White Cross-Racial Casting in Nolan's Anna Mae's Movement and Sears' Harlem Due

Honourable mention - Kate Schliecher

Hilary Fair & Stefanie Spooner - Addressing Erasure: Trans Discrimination and Employment Policy in Canada


Kate Hoad-Reddick- First Words: Silence and Speech in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior


Mona Murdoch for her essay Crossroads of Consumerism: The Intersection of Reality and Dream in “The Tiredness of Rosabel”

Sara Rodriguesfor her essay From Vaginal Exception to Exceptional Vagina: The Biopolitics of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery


Ashley Boyes for her essay A Congolese Woman’s Hell: War Rape and its attack on the Body Politic.

Hoda Malakouti-Nejad for her essay Tobacco use and women’s health: an opportunity in international health promotion and a case study of tobacco policy in Canada.






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