Western Cognitive Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fund

The Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada provided a funding opportunity that supported up to 5 new postdoctoral researchers.    

Recognized as one of the world’s leading research institutes in cognitive neuroscience, BMI recruited leading postdoctoral candidates in order to further understand how the brain allows us to perceive the world, makes sense of what we see and hear, remember the past and plan for the future, communicate our thoughts to others, choose goals, plan actions and carry those actions out.  Postdoctoral fund recipients worked with BMI researchers who have access to state-of-the-art facilities for cognitive neuroscience research, including magnetic resonance imaging (with research-dedicated 3T and 7T MRI scanners for fMRI, DTI, MRS, etc.), neurophysiology, human electrophysiology (EEG, ERP, EMG), neurostimulation (TMS, tDCS), cluster computing, access to a diverse range of clinical populations, human behavioral and kinematic testing equipment, and a sleep lab.

Potential postdoctoral candidates could not exceed three years from completing their PhD and needed to contact one or more prospective advisors at BMI to discuss collaborative research possibilities.  The postdoctoral fund program offered two years of salary, split equally between BMI support and grants from the BMI advisor(s). Please note that funding priority was given to exceptionally meritorious external applicants whose advisor(s) had not received previous support from this program.

To apply, candidates submitted the following items by email to bmiwestern@uwo.ca:

(1) Application form
(2) Postdoctoral candidate’s CV
(3) Statement(s) from proposed BMI advisor(s)
(4) Two reference letters

This competition, supported by the Cognitive Neuroscience Cluster Fund, is now closed.    

Inquiries about this internal program may be forwarded to Dr. Melvyn Goodale, Director of the BMI, at mgoodale@uwo.ca. 

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