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6-week Virtual Masterclass

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These are unprecedented times. Around the world, millions of lives, and livelihoods, have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

While our healthcare workers are battling on the frontlines, the rest of us can play an integral role in restarting our economy, creating jobs, and future-proofing our careers.

Tried and tested over the last decade, “Master the Entrepreneur Skillset” was being offered free (all tuition and fees waived) for a limited time for Western alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Program Overview

Time Required

Our programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of insanely busy professionals. We took students from idea to investable business in just a few hours per week, over six weeks.

Blended Learning

Students got lifelong access to our exclusive Online Learning Environment and found all our up-to-date course materials at any given time.

Always-On Experience

It was a hybrid experience with no expensive tuition or material fees. We provided 24/7 support through an exclusive Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Action Plans

We assited teams develop personal, actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities that they face.

Pitch Perfect

We helped students master their pitches through constant interaction and helpful feedback.

Certificate of Completion

Stduents recieved a certificate of completion upon graduation and joined our growing community of alumni on LinkedIn.

The ‘Master the Entrepreneur Skillset’ program was an online experience designed to introduce the tools and mindset required to succeed as an entrepreneur.

You did not need an idea, or a pre-existing team, to join the 6-week program. Just an open mind, and a willingness to learn and explore your full potential.

How Did It Work?

The program was broken into 12 modules over six weeks. New modules were released on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Each timed module consisted of a video lecture, and a set of important questions that need to be answered.

Additional learning were provided for each module, from online content to ‘Ask an expert’ style webinars from our faculty and alumni entrepreneurs.

"The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp provided me with an excellent blueprint for putting together a cohesive business plan for a startup. Ash is very insightful and inspired us to view entrepreneurship as a feasible career."

     Niko Virvilis, MSc '19

"I never had to learn so much in such a short period of time. I gained practical insights into fields that entrepreneurship courses that I've already done didn't cover."

     Philipp Ladner, Exchange Student from University of St. Gallen

What You'll Learn

1 - Course Basics

  System Test
  Join our Teams Workspace
  Join our LinkedIn Community

2 - Building the Right Foundation

  Lecture: Building the Right Foundation

3 - Thinking Big

  Lecture: Thinking Big

4 - Value Proposition

  Lecture: Value Proposition

5 - Assessing the Market

  Lecture: Assessing the Market

6 - Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  Lecture: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

7 - Customer Development Process

  Lecture: Customer Development Process Part I
  Lecture: Customer Development Process Part II

8 - Execution Modeling

  Lecture: Execution Modeling

9 - Financial Modeling

  Lecture: Financial Modeling Part I
  Lecture: Financial Modeling Part II

10 - Fundable Event Timelines, Valuations & Exits

  Lecture: Fundable Event Timelines, Valuations & Exits Part I
  Lecture: Fundable Event Timelines, Valuations & Exits Part II

11 - Teams, Boards & Founderitis

  Lecture: Team, Boards & Founderitis Part I
  Lecture: Team, Boards & Founderitis Part II

12 - Getting Investment

  Lecture: Getting Investment Part I
  Lecture: Getting Investment Part II

13 - Elevator Pitching

  Lecture: Elevator Pitching

14 - Executive Summary

  Lecture: Executive Summary

15 - Certification

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Meet Your Coach

Ash Singh, HBA'04 successfully sold his first startup, 8 months after graduating from Western's Ivey Business School in 2004.

He has dedicated the last 15 years to educating startup founders at some of the top business schools globally. His "Startup Bootcamp" students have raised over $1 billion dollars of venture funding, and created over 30,000 jobs around the world.

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At Western, entrepreneurship isn't about widgets – it's about people.

Western Entrepreneurship harnesses the university's collective expertise to arm the next generation of leaders with crucial entrepreneurial and leadership skills that enable them to develop great ideas that excite the world. Western and its Ivey Business School are invested in this cohesive, student-focused entrepreneurship ecosystem that brings together students, faculty and alumni.

Western Entrepreneurship builds upon a tradition of entrepreneurial thinking at Western, including the establishment of Canada's first MBA program (1948), our launch of Canada's first PhD program in business (1961), and QuantumShiftTM – Canada's premier leadership program and network for the entrepreneurs driving the growth of Canada's most successful companies, founded by Ivey and KPMG.

The umbrella of Western Entrepreneurship brings together incubators, alumni mentorship, co-working space, academic excellence, commercialization and thought leadership across all our faculties and schools.