Robert Sibbald

Robert Sibbald holds the titles of Adjunct Professor for Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Director of London Health Sciences Centre’s Ethics, Patient Experience/Relations, and Indigenous Liaison.

Consent and Capacity Board Cases Addressing End of Life Decisions
This page tracks the progress and outcomes of medico-legal cases that have been adjudicated by the Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario focusing on end of life decisions. Many of these cases are best understood as debates about "futility", but focus on when consent is legally required, and whether decisions to consent or refuse treatment proposals are being made in the best interests of a patient.

 Adult End of Life Cases

File No. (CanLii Reference) Case Application Hospital Treatment Plan Outcome Appeal (Outcome)
20-0610 Re (AV) G Niagara Palliative Care Dismissed
19-5087 Re (GG) G Ottawa No Further Escalation of Care Ordered Consent
19-4958 Re (AW) G Ottawa Not Escalating Medical Care, Transfer to a Long Term Care/Complex Care Setting, and Not using CPR/Mechanical Ventilation Ordered Consent
19-3011 Re (NA) G Ottawa Withdraw life support and provide comfort measures Ordered Consent
19-2497 Re (MO) G Osler Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
18-5916 Re (SH) G LHSC Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
18-5097 Re (HC) G Ottawa Palliative Treatment Ordered Consent
18-4744 Re (CDF) G Mackenzie Health Medical treatment addressing blood pressure, receive blood thinners, no CPR Ordered Consent
18-4683 Re (SM) E North York Life-Saving Treatment, Bowel Obstruction Surgery No Jurisdiction
18-2044 Re (IJ) F Sunnybrook Withdrawal/Long-Term Ventilation Dismissed form stating that the board lacked jurisdiction
18-4288 Re (VB) G Trillium Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
18-4190 Re (PL) G Markham-Stouffville Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
18-3827 Re (SW) G/D Hôtel Dieu Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
18-3035 Re (JC) G St. Michael's Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
18-1452 Re (GL) D, G Royal Victoria Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
18-1835 Re (AH) G LHSC Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent Died before court date
18-0472 Re (MW) D, E Humber River (None Proposed) Dismissed
17-4806 Re (AC) D, E, G St. Michael's Withdrawal/Palliation/DNR Ordered Consent
17-3609 Re (LD) D Bridgepoint No Prior Capable Wish/Removal of Gastric Tube Dismissed
17-3261 Re (NS) G Osler DNR Dismissed
17-3261 Re (NS) G Osler Withdrawal/Palliation New form G can proceed
17-2473 Re (NS) G Osler Withdrawal/Palliation Dismissed
17-2690 Re (TB) G UHN Removal of Ventilator Ordered Consent
17-2884 Re (TP) G UHN Death Determination No jurisdiction
17-1416 Re (LL) G Sinai Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
17-1296 Re (DT) D Scarborough Incapable of Consenting to Bowel Resection Dismissed
16-4997 Re (PS) G Juravinski No further escalation of care/CPR Form Dismissed
16-4319 Re (NS) G Osler Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
16-5728 Re (WA) D LHSC Withdrawal/Palliation Prior Wish Was Applicable
16-5588 Re (JEP) G Ottawa DNR/Withdrawal/Palliation Dismissed
16-5642 Re (TW) G UHN Use of Blood Products Dismissed
16-3860 Re (HM) G Sunnybrook DNR/Withdrawal Ordered Consent
16-3084 Re (UH) D Hamilton Death Determination/Withdrawal Ventilation does not constitute "treatment" in context of brain death/Dismissed form D
16-1452 Re (PN) G Peterborough DNR/No Vent/Palliation Ordered Consent
16-0402 Re (SL) G Ottawa Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent
16-1922 Re (E) D Trillium Death Determination No Jurisdiction
15-0575 Re (MQ) D UHN No Prior Capable Wish Respecting Treatment  Ordered Consent
14-4174 Re (EAM) C Peterborough Determine SDM Appointed New Decision Maker
14-3568 Re (BG) E Juravinski Palliation Dismissed
14-2450 Re (SF) G LHSC Withdrawal Identified New SDM
13-2339 Re (JS) D Lakeridge Prior Wish Unclear/Palliation Ordered Consent
13-0806 Re (JR) D Sunnybrook Prior Wish Unclear Board Declined to Comment and Give Further Directions
13-3125 Re (CA) G Humber River Withdrawal Ordered Consent Dismissed
13-0763 Re (JN) G UHN Withdrawal/Removal of Vent Ordered Consent
13-1782 Re (G) G LHSC Withdrawal Ordered Consent Not Heard
12-5028 Re (AC) G Juravinski DNR/No Escalation Dismissed Dismissed
12-4633 Re (DD) G Sunnybrook Withdrawal/Palliation Ordered Consent Not Heard
12-4990 Re (AH) G Rouge Valley DNR Ordered Consent Not Heard
12-0263 Re (GS) G Ottawa DNR Ordered Consent Not Heard
12-3553 Re (SS) G Grand River Withdrawal/DNR/Palliation Ordered Consent
12-0785 Re (SL) D UHN Do Former Wishes Still Apply? No Prior Expressed Wish; Ordered Consent
12-0289 Re (FF) D Baycrest Do Wishes in POA Constitute Applicable Wish? Wish Applicable
11-5233 Re (MN) C Trillium Withdrawal Appointed New Decision Maker
11-3705 Re (AK) G York Central Withdrawal Ordered Consent
11-3583 Re (SR) G Trillium Palliative Ordered Consent
11-1391 Re (MD) G St. Joseph's DNR Dismissed Upheld CCB Decision
10-4434 Re (DW) G Halton Health Withdrawal Dismissed
10-5153 Re (BS) G Osler Palliative Ordered Consent
11-0136 Re (S) D Ottawa Need for Constant Monitoring Board Declined to Give Directions
10-3745 Re (SS) G Grand River Withdrawal Dismissed
10-1892 Re (LF) G Belmont House Maintain G-Tube Dismissed
10-0633 Re (DP) G Humber River Withdrawal Dismissed
10-0508-0509 Re (JC) D Villa Colombo Toronto Was Pt Incapable When POA Created? Prior Wish Applied
10-0633 Re (DP) G Humber River Withdrawal Dismissed
09-1216 Re (N) G Grand River Withdrawal/DNR/Palliation Ordered Consent
08-3972 Re (G) G LHSC Withdrawal/DNR/Palliation Ordered Consent Upheld CCB Decision
08-4159 Re (E) G UHN Withdrawal Ordered Consent Upheld CCB Decision
08-3253 Re (B) G St. Joseph's Withdrawal Ordered Consent  Upheld CCB Decision
07-3423 Re (MB) C Rouge Valley Withdrawal Identified New SDM
07-1056 Re (KMS) G St. Catherine's Withdrawal Ordered Consent
07-1196 Re (GA) G North York DNR/No Vent Ordered Consent
07-1096 Re (CD) G North York Withdrawal Ordered Consent
06-4835 Re (EB) C Scarborough Feeding Tube Appointed New Decision Maker
05-6365 Re (P) G Niagara Health System DNR Ordered Consent
04-0999 Re (IA) C LHSC Discontinue Dialysis Declined to Appoint Representative
03-1193 Re (HJ) G UHN Withdrawal Ordered Consent Overturned CCB Decision



Pediatric End of Life Cases

File No. (CanLii Reference) Case Application Hospital Treatment Plan Outcome Appeal (Outcome)
15-0538 Re (SS) G Sick Kids Withdrawal/Palliation Dismissed
14-0195 Re (CN) G LHSC Withdrawal Dismissed
10-3602 Re (JM) G LHSC Withdrawal/DNR Ordered Consent Upheld CCB Decision
Re (W) G LHSC Dialysis/Kidney Transplant Ordered Consent
09-1265 Re (C) G LHSC Tracheostomy Ordered Consent
08-1904 Re (L) G LHSC Surgical Graft Ordered Consent
07-2284 Re (EJG) G Hamilton Health Sciences - Children's Hospital Withdrawal/Weaned off Vent Ordered Consent Upheld CCB Decision