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The HELP Lab Blog is a resource created for students in Undergraduate and Graduate studies to showcase their student research, project experiences, and more. Our aim is to also engage interdisciplinary researchers and industry professionals in discussion about the current ethical, legal, and policy challenges in the organizations and delivery of public health and health care. Every post we publish has a strong connection to one of our three core subject areas: health law, health ethics, and health policy. Posts must be your original work and not published elsewhere on the Internet.

We are accepting submissions from current undergraduate and graduate students, post docs, professors, industry professionals, and researchers.

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Submission Details

Submission form is required. Only properly completed submissions forms will be considered. You will receive communication about the acceptance or rejection via your Western email account.

You will be notified by email within three weeks of submission if your post requires revisions. If your post requires revisions, you must re-submit your post within 10 days of receiving your revisions. Do not resubmit posts without correcting the indicated issues.

To submit a blog post, complete the steps below:

  • Complete the submission form 
  • Save submission form as a Word Document (docx.)
    • PDFs, Google Docs, Pages, or OneDrive will not be accepted or reviewed.
  • Title your Word Document with the following format:
    • Last Name First Initial – HELP Lab Blog Submission
  • Email submission form to with “Blog Submission – Last Name First Initial” in the Subject Line.


Blog FAQs

Who can submit a blog post?

Any current undergraduate and graduate student. We also accept submissions from
Post Docs, Professors, and Researchers.

What is the maximum number of words my blog post can be?

800–1200 words. Word count does not include in-text citations, references, or ‘Learn More/Additional Resources’ content.

Which citation style is accepted?

All citations must by APA style. All quotes or paraphrased information must be properly cited with links to the sources. ‘Learn More/Additional Resources’ must be included as APA citations

Can I include an image with my blog post?

At this time, please do no include image(s) with your blog post.

Can I submit a blog post in a language other than English?

All blog post submissions must be in English and free of grammar and spelling issues. You are expected to fully edit and vet any post before submission.