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Messages for smokers

Here are some messages we've received from/about smokers:

"When I want a smoke, I look for a butt receptacle.  Then I know I am in an area where I can smoke, and I avoid leaving my butt for someone else to pick up."

"I am a smoker myself, but am baffled why some people don't simply walk 20 steps to get where they won't bother people."

"I find it hard when I have to walk behind someone smoking. I don't think I should have to take a longer route to get where I'm going."

Large, new Clear Air Corridor includes most of north campus
Smoke-free areas now include e-cigarettes

Two new measures designed to help people breathe easier on campus at Western have been introduced and are in effect just in time for the 2016 fall term.

Western now has four Clear Air Corridors (smoke-free zones) including a large, new Clear Air Corridor that encompasses the entire property border with London Health Sciences Centre.  The Corridor also includes the areas around many buildings on the north end of campus including Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, the Health Sciences Addition, Taylor Library, Kresge, Siebens-Drake, Natural Sciences, Biology and Geology (B&G), Chemistry, the Biotron, the Greenhouses and Robarts Research Institute. On the east side the Corridor extends across the footbridge and takes in part of the grounds behind Westminster College.

Western’s policy currently prohibits smoking 10 meters from any entrance, window, air intake or loading dock, as well as any designated Clear Air Corridor.

Western’s smoking policy has also been amended and now encompasses e-cigarette smoking (vaping), treating electronic smoking just as other smoking on campus.

London Health Sciences Centre went smoke-free on July 1, 2016 and since that time, many individuals have crossed from LHSC to Western property to smoke, leading to numerous complaints from people who work at Western and LHSC about second hand smoke and litter on Western property.

Western and LHSC have been monitoring the movement of smokers and both organizations have agreed to communicate the creation of Western's new non-smoking areas.

The change will also improve the situation for Western community members who have expressed concerns about smoking in high traffic walkways, corridors, courtyards and the bus stop around Natural Sciences, B&G, Taylor Library and other buildings in that area.

An 18-month cross campus consultation on smoking concluded that there are strong concerns about smoking on campus and an appetite for measures to move Western toward a smoke-free campus.  An Advisory Committee on the Future of Smoking at Western is set to be established in the coming months.

Have you got questions or comments about smoking on campus at Western?  Please email