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The Employee (and family) Assistance Plan (EAP) has a new name - LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell - and some new features.  Below is the information we forwarded to all employees on January 25, 2021 to outline the changes.

You can read more about all the supports and services available to you on the Western EAP main webpage.

EAP Changes: Announcement January 25, 2021

Western recognizes that prioritizing your well-being has never been more important - or more difficult. Leaders across campus have continued to work on programming and work arrangements to meet the ever-changing needs of our employees and their families heightened by the pandemic.

Employee and family member supports provided through the Employee and Family Assistance Program include counselling and work-life services and is an integral part of Western’s broader employee well-being offerings. To help make it easier for you to find and access these supports, Western is relaunching the Employee (and Family) Assistance Program (EAP) under a new name and online platform called LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell.

LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell continues to provide confidential counselling and wellness services. The new LifeWorks platform will allow Western to keep you up to date on Living Well @ Western programs and integrate a new rewards program.

How to Register for Online Access

Access to the LifeWorks website and mobile app is by an invitation to register. The email you receive from LifeWorks will contain your unique invitation code. Just follow the steps in the email!  If you missed your email, find out how you can request a new invitation code in the EAP FAQ.

Join the Scavenger Hunt

To help you get to know some of the features of LifeWorks, join our Scavenger Hunt (web or app version). Participants can be entered into a draw to earn prizes. Learn more on the EAP Wellness Rewards webpage.

Why Join LifeWorks?

Feel supported 24/7, 365 days a year with a confidential employee assistance program (EAP) by calling 1-844-880-9143.

When the world around you gets stressful, LifeWorks can help you manage your reactions with well-being articles, podcasts, tools and resources from the LifeWorks website or app. Links will be provided in the email invitation to register.

Participate in individual and organizational challenges that will support positive habits. Earning points will allow you to be eligible for fun on-campus savings and a chance to win prizes.

Some employees may already be using and/or the My EAP app. Wonderful! These continue to work, but we hope you’ll try the enhanced experience through LifeWorks.

Go to the Western EAP main webpage for more details about your plan.

Questions? Contact Western HR at 

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