EAP Wellness Challenges & Rewards

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Many Western employees have taken advantage of our well-being offerings, which include the Living Well @ Western program as well as corporate-style challenges that have seen employees compete individually and as teams for fun and good health.

Western selected the new LifeWorks for our Employee (and family) Assistance (EAP) services, not only because it offers many health and well-being options and services, but because it allows Western to integrate some of our wellness challenges and communications.

Western now offers fun rewards to well-being participants. To be eligible, Western will need to receive some information from LifeWorks about your progress in a challenge. If you wish to be eligible for rewards, you'll need to give your permission for LifeWorks to share information with Western about the points you have earned. 

Your Options

Personal well-being challenges: In your LifeWorks account, you have the option to participate in personal well-being challenges. You decide what habits fit your goals, and track your progress. No one else can see what you're working on or how you are progressing.

Corporate well-being challenges: You will have the option to join a team for extra support and motivation. Even when you join a team, you will still be part of the individual competition. Others will be able to see your participation on the Individual and Team Leaderboards. There is currently no option to opt-out of the Leaderboard.

Rewards and Giving Consent

To participate in the corporate challenges and to be eligible for rewards from Western for earning points, Western will need to receive reports of the points you've earned. Once logged in to your LifeWorks account, you will be asked to complete the Consent for Well-Being Incentive (see video instructions).  If you consent to clauses 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0, Western will receive your points balance and tier achieved only. (You will also see consent 1.0 - the Total Well-being Index. This assessment has been disabled for Western employees. Employees are encouraged to “Decline”, however regardless of the response there is no related assessment and therefore no information being released to Western.)

Important note: If you provide consent (optional) Western will only receive challenge information - no other personal information about you or your use of LifeWorks or any EAP services will be shared with Western. That information will be kept in confidence.

Submitting Participation Codes

Employees who participate in internal wellness opportunities may receive a participation code at the end of the event. These points will supplement those earned through the LifeWorks platform. The more points you earn, the greater your chances of winning prizes and receiving giveaways from our internal partners. Below are quick steps on how to submit participation codes through My Human Resources. Alternatively you may download a PDF with visual instructions, or you may watch a video called the Internal Wellness Reward Program.

  1. Login to My Human Resources
  2. Navigate to the My Human Resources home page
  3. Select the Benefits and Wellness tile
  4. Enter the Participation code provided by the Event Facilitator. Note: You can only enter a code once.
  5. Click Submit. A message will appear that you have successfully submitted and earned Reward Points. Your Total Reward Points will be updated.

If you require assistance, please contact livingwell@uwo.ca.

For general help with Navigating in My Human Resources see How Do I ....

Fitness Tracking Devices

Habitude challenges do not require an app or wearable device.

For steps challenges, you can sync your steps using the Apple Health, Google Health, or Fitbit apps. Apple Health and Google Health allow you to use your smartphone to track steps, if you don't have a wearable step tracker.

For Those Using the LIFT App

The LIFT fitness app is made available through the LifeWorks relationship. LIFT is a free, separate and stand-alone app that offers workout programs and chat-support from personal trainers. You can find out more about LIFT on the Support & Resources page of the LifeWorks website or from the LifeWorks app under Quick Links. 

LifeWorks 30-Day Coping Habitude Challenge

Our first first corporate challenge through LifeWorks was a success! The Coping Challenge began on May 6th and focused on selecting and tracking a set of behaviours that support overall wellness, allowing you to lead a healthier life and leave you feeling at your best. It offered tips on how to replace previous patterns of behaviour and unhealthy coping strategies with positive actions liking reframing unhelpful or negative thoughts and engaging in physical activity or relaxation practices.

Some joined this 30-day challenge as an individual, and some brought together a team. Team composition can be any size and isn’t limited to your department or group.

How Do I Join the Challenge?

Sorry - this challenge is now over, but don't worry - there will be other challenges to come in the future!  


When joining the challenge, you will be presented with terms and conditions. In order to participate, you must agree to the terms and conditions. Your name and total number of points earned in the challenge will be displayed in an individual leaderboard; if you join a team, it will also appear as part of the team leaderboard. The team leaderboard is based off the average score of individual team members.

The team and individual leaderboards are a comprehensive list of all participants that can be viewed by anyone participating in the challenge.

Reporting of Data

If you agreed to the ‘Consent for Well-Being Incentive’ (see instruction video), then Western will receive your information (employee ID, name, email address, challenge completion status, and points earned) in the final report; if you do not agree, you can still participate in the challenge and your name will not be included in the report.

Questions and Answers

Q: What if I don’t want my name and points displayed on the leaderboard?
You have a couple options. You can choose to follow along by launching an individual habitude challenge. You won’t receive as many points, but you can still join in the fun while making meaningful lifestyle changes.
The other option is to go into the profile settings and change your display name. You can create an alias for the duration of the challenge. If you agree to the ‘Consent for Well-Being Incentive’, you will still be properly identified and appear in the report as the data is linked to your email address.

Q: What if I already started the Individual Coping Habitude challenge?
No worries! When you join the Corporate Challenge, your individual challenge will temporarily be suspended, but you won’t lose any progress. At the completion of the Corporate Challenge, you can “pick up, where you left off” and resume your individual challenge.

Q: I’m worried about joining a team and then letting them down. Help!
These challenges are meant to encourage us to look after ourselves and support one another- not add more stress! But we know sometimes that competitive spirit can take over. If you join, but never track your progress your results will automatically be excluded from your team’s points. Prize eligibility is based on participation, not position in the leaderboard. We hope you’ll join us, as an individual or team.

Helpful Tips

  • Struggling to accomplish your daily goals? Throughout the course of the challenge, you have the option of changing and tracking other habits. Find what works best for you!
  • While you can choose to track more habits, you won't receive additional points. Studies have indicated that we are more likely to be successful in creating habits when we focus on making one change at a time.
  • Life is busy and sometimes we need a helpful reminder to encourage us to complete a habit or track our activity. You can enable push notifications on the app by going to More> Tap on the Gear icon at the top > Push Notifications > Turn On/Off

If you require this information or any information on the Human Resources website in an alternative format please contact hrhelp@uwo.ca.

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