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T4 & T4A Forms

New Electronic Distribution of T4 Tax Slips

In February, T4 tax slips for 2018 and subsequent years will be provided to active Western employees by electronic delivery through My Human Resources.

Electronic delivery is fast, secure, and allows employees to print tax slips at their convenience. 

Recent amendments to the Income Tax Act now allow employers to use electronic distribution of T4 tax slips as their default method.  Canada Revenue Agency recognizes electronic delivery as a valid means of providing tax slips to individuals.  Each year Western issues about 25,000 T4 and T4A tax slips.  Approximately 13,500 of these are produced for active employees. 

It is important to note that some T4s and T4As will continue to be delivered by mail. Please read the information below to understand how you will receive your tax slip(s):

Please note: Human Resources does not distribute a T4A for scholarships and bursaries, and we do not distribute T2202A receipts (Tuition and Education Amounts Certificates). These are issued by the Office of the Registrar.

Steps to View your Electronic Tax Slip:


Steps to Request your Tax Slip in Paper Format By Mail:

If you require additional information regarding the electronic delivery of tax slips, please contact Human Resources at 519-661-2194 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

What tax receipts are handled by Western Human Resources?

HR handles T4s for employment income earned at Western. HR also distributes T4As for non-employment income including: income to Graduate Research Assistants, Post Doctoral Fellows, fellowships, professional services, honorariums, awards (non-student), guest lecturers, physician fees, reviewer/examiner fees, royalties, living allowances and taxable life insurance for retirees.

When and how will I get tax slips from Western if I no longer work here?

Tax forms are distributed at the end of February. All former employees or anyone on extended leave will receive their T4 or T4A tax slip in paper format by mail. It is important to ensure that your home address is up-to-date in our system. An address update can be made in My Human Resources directly if access is available or by completing a Personal Data Form.

Why didn't I get my tax slip in the mail?

Active employees: T4 tax slips for 2018 and subsequent years will now be provided by electronic delivery through an on-line secured portal via My Human Resources. Login to the system to view and print your T4 tax slips.

Past employees: If you have moved and not updated your address with Western Human Resources, your T4/T4A forms may have been mailed to the wrong address. Please update your address right away on My Human Resources. If you are not able to access My HR, complete the appropriate sections of the Personal Data Form and submit to Human Resources. Then, if Canada Post returns your form to our office we will be able to forward your T4/T4A to your new address. If you do not receive your T4/T4A by March 15th, you may request that a new form to be sent to you. To do so, submit a Request for Copy of T4/T4A Form.

Why can't I view my T4A tax slip on My Human Resources?

CRA rules specific to T4As stipulate that you must provide consent to receive electronic delivery of T4A tax slips. If you are receiving a T4A slip and did not provide consent by February 15th, you will not be able to view your T4A slip online. Your T4A slip will be sent in paper format by mail.

If you are receiving both a T4 and T4A, and you did not provide consent by February 15th, only the T4 slip will display online. Both tax slips (T4 and T4A) will be sent to you in paper format by mail.

How can I request electronic delivery of my T4 or T4A tax slip?

For all active Western employees, T4 tax slips will be defaulted to electronic delivery. You do not have to take any action. T4A tax slips, however, cannot be defaulted to electronic delivery. To provide consent for electronic delivery of your T4 or T4A tax slips, please login to My Human Resources:

  • Select the T4/T4A tile
  • T4/T4A Consent
  • Select the check box “Check here to consent to stop receiving T4/T4A slips by mail.”

This request must be submitted in My Human Resources no later than February 15th.  An email notification will be sent to each employee informing them when their tax slip is available to access.

How can I request my tax slips in paper format?

An active employee may withdraw consent to receive electronic tax slips. This request must be submitted in My Human Resources no later than February 15th.

  • Select the T4/T4A tile
  • T4/T4A Consent
  • Select the check box “Check here to withdraw consent.”
  • Alternatively, if you are unable to login to My Human Resources to withdraw your consent you may submit a Request to Withdraw Consent for ElectronicT4/T4A form to request tax slips in paper format by mail.

Once consent is withdrawn, the employee will continue to receive tax slips in paper format by mail until such time they may choose to provide consent for electronic delivery.

When will my tax slip be ready?

In accordance with tax regulations, tax slips will be available no later than February 28th. T4 tax slips* for 2018 and subsequent years will remain accessible on-line for an indefinite period, provided the employee is still actively employed at Western.

* also applicable to T4A slips if consent is provided.

Can I get a replacement T4 or T4A form?

Western can issue a replacement. If you would like a replacement slip issued, please complete and submit a T4/T4A request form. We will endeavour to have a copy mailed or ready to pick up within five business days.

If you are an active employee who consented to online delivery of tax slips, you may view your T4/T4A electronically in My Human Resources and print duplicate copies.

How can I print my tax slip and protect my private information?

To print your tax slip, login to My Human Resources. Select the T4/T4A tile, then select View T4/T4A Slips. Click the View Slip button.


  • You may need to adjust your pop-up blocker settings to view the pay slip. For more information read the document "Having Trouble with Working at Western or My Human Resources?"
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows or Mac to view the PDF tax slip. Download a free copy if it’s not currently installed on your computer.  
  • Print the tax slip using a secured printer.

What about tax receipts for tuition paid by students?

T2202A tax receipts are issued by Western’s Office of the Registrar.

Why is the amount in Box 14 (Employment Earnings) on my T4 higher than the amounts shown for the year on my Earnings Statement (available on My Human Resources).

Box 14 includes your total income (before deductions) plus it includes any taxable benefits that have been paid for you by Western. The total of taxable benefits is also listed in Box 40 on your T4. The most common taxable benefit is employer paid life insurance premiums.

What if there is incorrect information on my T4/T4A?

If your Social Insurance Number is incorrect, or if the financial information on your tax receipt is incorrect, please contact Human Resources at 519-661-2111 x82194 or, as we may have to reissue a new tax receipt. If your address is incorrect, simply enter the correct information on your tax return.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

Please call Human Resources at 519-661-2194 or email