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Pension Statements

Your Annual Pension Statements outline your account changes in the previous year, your personal rate of return and projections of the income that may be possible when you retire.

The statements are issued by Sun Life Financial, the record keeper for the Western Pension Plans.

What to know

Annual Meetings and 1:1s

In May 2019 Annual Pension Plan Meetings will be held to share the Joint Pension Board’s reflections on 2018 and initiatives for 2019.  As well as a guest speaker, education sessions will be held on campus and Sun Life Education Consultants will be available for one-on-one consultations regarding your investment options and to provide account management support.  More details will be shared in April.

More information about getting 1:1 assistance is available on our Sun Life 1:1 information page.

Questions about your Pension Account at Sun Life?  Contact Sun Life at 1-866-733-8612.

Questions about this email?  Contact Western HR at or call 519-661-2194.