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Ergonomics & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Services promotes employee health and wellness and strives to minimize the impact associated with disability throughout the organization. Our team consists of a Rehabilitation Leader, Rehabilitation Coordinator, Ergonomic Specialists, a Return to Work Specialist and a Wellness Information Coordinator.  We are here to support you on sick leave, long-term disability and to help you transition or return to work when it is time.

Information and documentation to assist you if need to seek workplace accommodation

We are located in the Support Services Building, Room 4159.

Ergonomics Program

The Ergonomics Program includes:

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David Schlotzhauer
Ergonomics Specialist

Rehabilitation Coordination and Case Management:


Rebecca Crichton
ext. 85578

Barbara Froats
ext. 81398

Renee Uruski
ext. 84742

Please note: Each Faculty or Department is served by a specific Rehabilitation Coordinator.  Please choose your Faculty or Department to see contact information for your Coordinator.

Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) & Accident/Incident Reporting (AIIR)


Christine Stutt
ext. 81135