Master of Arts in Philosophy

The MA in Philosophy at Western is a one-year funded program. Students take six one-term courses and write a 10,000 word research paper over the summer (which may, but need not, develop work from one of their courses). Each year the courses available reflect the strengths and diversity of interests of the faculty, which collect along five principal fields: feminist philosophy; history of philosophy (ancient, medieval and modern); moral, political and legal philosophy; philosophy of mind and language; and philosophy of science (including mathematics and logic. To learn more about our Master’s program in Philosophy, please use the navigation bar to the left.  

Graduate students are expected to meet progression requirements (or "milestones") in a timely fashion according to the schedule specified in the Department of Philosophy Program & Progression Requirements. See Resources & Forms for the full document. 

Program Requirements & Timelines

Course Requirements
All students are required to complete 3 full graduate courses in philosophy (6 half-credit courses), in which they must achieve an overall average of at least 75% to maintain minimal good standing. Coursework is to be completed by the end of the second term of the MA (Winter Term). See: MA Program > Requirements > Course Requirements

Summer Research Project Requirement

During the third term (Summer Term) of the MA, students are required to complete a summer research project. Projects are submitted in the Summer Term by August 15th. See: MA Program > Requirements > Summer Research Project


Progression Requirement Enforcement

If a student fails to observe these guidelines, the Graduate Program Chair, after consultation with the student and, if appropriate, the student’s supervisor, will draw up a plan of work that the student will be expected to follow in order to make up whatever deficit is at issue.  Where the Graduate Affairs Committee determines that a student's progress is especially slow or problematic, the student may be put on Probation, and required to satisfy a specified plan of work by a deadline. If the student should fail to meet the Probationary requirements, the Graduate Program Chair may recommend to SGPS that the student be withdrawn from the program on academic grounds. In highly exceptional circumstances, conspicuous failure to meet the Progression requirements may lead to a student being withdrawn without benefit of any Probationary period. In addition, both the MA and PhD programs have requirements for satisfactory performance in courses, as indicated below.  A student who fails to achieve these standards will be considered not to be making satisfactory progress towards the degree and may be required to withdraw.

Under special circumstances these guidelines may be modified to meet the needs of students who are admitted to the program without an adequate preparation in philosophy or who otherwise require a special course of study.  In such cases, the students involved will be informed, in writing, before the last day for course registration in the relevant term, of the alternative set of guidelines they will be required to observe.

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