2022 Summer Undergraduate Timetable

The Registrar is using the phrase “Distance Studies/Online” on the Timetable to designate any course that is not fully in-person. Below is a fuller explanation of Philosophy course delivery modes. Check individual course outline for delivery details.

Course Delivery Type Definition
Asynchronous Online In this course type, teaching activities will take place online with no timeslot assigned (asynchronously). You may access the course material any time you wish however, there might be mandatory synchronous tutorials at a specified time during the week for which the course outline will detail.
Synchronous Online These courses will offer an online component in which students will participate at the same time (synchronously). All teaching activities including tests will require mandatory attendance during scheduled online meeting times. Other components of the course may be offered asynchronously, (i.e., with no requirement for attendance at a designated time). Consult individual course outlines for details.

Choice of
In-Person or Online Group Discussion

As long as the university considers face-to-face instruction with proper social distancing measures safe, the designated in-person component will be offered in a classroom on campus with strict adherence to public health protocols. Students have the option of choosing in-person or on-line delivery mode for these courses. Refer to individual course outlines for details.

Reading Courses: Students apply for an advanced reading course must be in their third or fourth year registered in an Honors Specialization, Honors Double Major or Specialization module in Philosophy. Further information available here.

2000- Level Courses

Philosophy 2074F: Business Ethics

Ethical analysis of issues arising in contemporary business life. Sample topics: ethical codes in business; fair and unfair competition, advertising and consumer needs and wants; responsibilities to investors, employees and society; conflicts of interest and obligation; business and the regulatory environment

Start and end dates for this course can be found in the Summer Timetable.

Instructor: Dean Proessel Distance Studies Course Outline