Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health in RwandaWestern University


Specific programs being presented include "Helping Babies Breathe" (HBB) and "Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics" (ALSO).  Other workshops are related to Professionalism and Ethics.

In early 2013, a SAFE anaesthesia program was provided to 18 anaesthesia personnel in Rwanda. Refresher training programs for ETAT+ and ALSO were also held by several doctors for the 31 trained instructors who participated. Following this, directors of the Eastern Province District Hospitals, CPD project leaders, and the project management team met to share goals and plans of the CPD training for the upcoming year.

In April 2013, 31 medical students completed an ETAT+ course in Kigali. A HBB refresher course was provided to 17 previously trained HBB instructors. All workshops included both knowledge and practical skill training under the supervision of trained experts. These workshops have been highly evaluated, rated mainly 4 or 5 out of 5 by participants.

During the summer of 2013, various types of training were held at the Eastern Province District Hospitals. These included ETAT+ training with 21 participants, and HBB training and ALSO training with 27 participants each. The 27 participants who received HBB training in June were further trained to become instructors to assist in the training of a group of new participants in August. Thus, a second cycle of training in August was held, including 21 participants for ETAT+, and 24 participants each for HBB and ALSO. 23 of the 24 participants who completed HBB training in August completed their second training to become instructors in September, where 3 were selected to instruct the next training cycle in October.

In October, there were 26 participants for ETAT+, 29 participants for HBB, and 27 participants for ALSO.

Upcoming activities for the year include: