Western Research Catalyst Grant: Surviving Pandemics

Theme: Surviving Pandemics: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Resilience and Recovery

Amidst this remarkable time of uncertainty and anxiety, Western Research and Lawson Health Research Institute are coordinating activities to support rapid response research that explores and seeks solutions with respect to the general theme of “Surviving Pandemics: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Resilience and Recovery.” Projects may address any aspect of the problem. This funding opportunity is particularly interested in proposals that employ a multi-disciplinary approach. In this regard, we wish to engage our entire research community in a city-wide program of research development that will have meaningful and lasting impact. We aim to contribute a broad range of knowledge regarding how we as a society, including our Indigenous communities, are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic by providing evidence, tools, theories, and guidelines that will positively impact how we and future generations will face subsequent pandemics. Western Research is therefore providing support for research that will advance the following objectives: 

  • Nurture the development of multidisciplinary team-based grant models that address complex issues related to the broad theme of surviving pandemics;
  • Explore sustainable and resilient social, economic, technological, and health-related approaches that foster recovery from pandemics;
  • Develop preliminary results for larger research initiatives under this theme;
  • Increase research productivity and external funding activity;
  • Assist researchers with applying their strengths to pandemic-related issues;
  • Provide a mentoring mechanism for early career researchers; and
  • Support the mentoring of trainees.

Funding Amount

For Phase 2 of the funding opportunity, we are able to fund a total of 7 proposals at the maximum amount of $50,000.


Program Timelines & Application Deadline 

  • Program closed


  • Please use the attached Application Form (Western user ID and password required for access)


  • Complete a ROLA Proposal: Internal program applications are processed through Western Research Internal Grants and must be accompanied by a completed ROLA proposal prior to application submission.
  • Application Submission: The application form must be combined with all required attachments in a single PDF and emailed to intgrant@uwo.ca by the posted deadline.


Within three (3) months of the termination of the award, awardees must submit a final report to Western Research Internal Grants intgrant@uwo.ca. Final report forms will be emailed to grant recipients by Western Research.

Western Contact

For more information please contact Western Research Internal Grants intgrant@uwo.ca