Thrive Online In The Classroom

Thrive Online is a space for Western students to tell their own stories in their own words. Social connections and a safe space to share personal learnings and life experience is a vital part of enabling students to thrive, especially online. The opportunity to help students celebrate, engage, relate, entertain, and educate together can be easily facilitated by you, a faculty or staff member, in your classroom this coming fall, whether in-person or online.

Don’t know how to facilitate meaningful online connections? Lost for an activity that is meaningful and supports learning? We encourage you to consider integrating reflective writing, journaling or storytelling into your course design. Writing a story or journaling is an assignment that can be easily built into any course syllabus or as an optional independent assignment. As well,  this type of activity can provide you with valuable feedback about how your students are learning and how you can best support them. Our team is available to work with you to determine the best way for you to deliver Thrive Online in the classroom. 

How to Get Started

  1. Review the content creation guide which you can provide students as a resource as part of the assignment.
  2. Connect with Lauren Lee at to discuss the details of the assignment including:
    1. What course you are teaching and how does this assignment fit?
    2. Course enrollment size
    3. Proposed timeline for the assignment
  3. Once the assignment is submitted by students, they can indicate whether or not they would like to see their reflections published on the Thrive Online blog. This final reflection can be passed onto Lauren Lee who will incorporate them into the content schedule to be posted on the blog.


We look forward to the opportunity of working together to share students' stories on Thrive Online and continue to develop the best student experience, both on-campus and online, for our Western students. If you have any questions or would like to further discuss this opportunity, you can reach out to Lauren Lee at