• SmartStart: Academics

First-year students, we want to set you up for success.

Western offers many programs and services to help prepare students for academic and university life. SmartStart Western is a series of web-based, zero-credit courses offered throughout the summer to support the academic transition of new students to Western.

Offered as a collaboration between the Faculty of Education and Western Student Experience, SmartStart will provide incoming students with a foundation for their academic journey. Join us in June for our SmartStart: Learning program, followed by SmartStart: Academics in August.

The Online Courses

Woman in classroom with her hand up.

SmartStart: Academics

This one-month online program starting in August will reinforce key concepts in Grade 12 STEM courses and English skills, while connecting students with fellow classmates in their program.

Man in glasses looking at a computer screen in a classroom.

SmartStart: Learning

Develop your skills with units on independent learning, reading in university, lecture-style learning, seeking help, and learning self-assessment.