Helping Incoming Students Thrive

Worried about the transition to university this year? We have a plan. Western is building things to last and cementing a solid foundation for your future success as a student. Join us for Thriving Foundations - a 3-part transition program designed to make sure you can thrive as a Mustang.

Thriving Foundations Program

An amazing student experience can still happen even when we are physically distant. Western has always been a leader in fostering a thriving campus community and we are well-prepared to deliver a stellar academic and social experience to incoming students.

Academic Advantage

Pillar 1: Preparing you for university academics.

These two programs are designed to help you plan your year and prepare you for classes.

Community Connections

Pillar 2: Meet us. Make friends. On-campus, in-person.

An optional, one-day intensive on-campus experience offered in July - August to connect you to Western. Register now for your preferred date!

*Your safety is important. Physical distancing and disinfection protocols will be our top priority. 

Academic Success Program

Pillar 3: Your very own upper year coach.

Connect with peers from one of your classes in group sessions coached by an upper year mentor.

Check back for more details about how you will be matched!