Helping Incoming Students Prepare for University

Worried about the transition to university this year? We have a plan. Western is building things to last and cementing a solid foundation for your future success as a student. Join us for Thriving Foundations - a 3-part transition program designed to make sure you can thrive as a Mustang.

Thriving Foundations Program

Western takes pride in being a leader in fostering a thriving campus community and we are well-prepared to deliver a stellar academic and social experience to incoming students, whether we're together in-person, or in virtual environments (or a combination of the two)!

Academic Advantage

Pillar 1: Preparing you for university academics.

These programs are designed to help you plan your year and prepare you for classes.

  • SmartStart Western online programming
  • Summer Academic Orientation (SAO)
  • Language in Culture Series

Community Connections

Pillar 2: Discover your strengths. Make friends. On-campus, in-person.

An optional, one-day intensive on-campus experience offered in August to connect you to Western.

*Your safety is important. Physical distancing and health and safety protocols will be our top priority. 

Academic Success Program

Pillar 3: Your very own upper year coach.

Connect with peers from one of your classes in group sessions coached by an upper year mentor.