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Supporting Your Mustang

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As a parent or supporter of a new Western student, you play an integral role in helping them thrive during their transition to university and beyond. As an important ally in students’ success, we want to make sure that you are equipped with tips and strategies to tackle some of the challenges you and your student may face in the coming year, and support you in your own transition from the parent or supporter of a high schooler to a first year university student. The modules in this series are short and designed just for you. Join us each week for a new module!

This Week's Module: #7 - Maintaining Connection  



About this Module

Welcome to our thriving campus! This introductory module will introduce you to our 6 Learning Goals for Student Thriving and discuss how parents and supporters are important allies in helping your student thrive throughout their academic journey.


Letting Go and Holding On: Managing the Changing Relationship with Your Student

About this Module

When your student attends university, you can expect changes in your relationship with them. With this module, you will better understand why the relationship changes, learn strategies that will help you cope with the changing relationship, and be able to identify some ways you can help your student adjust to the changing relationship so that you can help them thrive while at Western.


Supporting Your Student Effectively as They Move Into and Through Their PSE Journey

About this Module

Your student's transition to and journey through post-secondary education is sure to be full of ups, downs, twists, and turns! Tune into our module to learn about ways to effectively and positively support your student and their development during this time.


Nurturing Your Bond With Your Post-Secondary Student: Strategies for Open Communication

About this Module

Communicating in an open and effective manner with your post-secondary student while placing emphasis on nurturing your bond together can help ease the transition that both you and your student will experience. Tune in for tips and guidelines that will help you maintain meaningful communication with your student.


In Addition to Tuition: A Crash Course in Student Transition and Critical Conversations

About this Module

Heading off to university is exciting, busy and stressful. There's lots to do over the summer - forms to complete, finances to consider, orientations to attend, shopping to do. Communication with your Mustang may have its wonderful moments, and may also be difficult at times. In this session, you will learn about key milestones in your Mustang's transition to university life and some of their needs at various times of the year. You will also learn about some of our recommended strategies for approaching critical conversations with your Mustang as they grow from new experiences as part of the Western community.   


Helping Your Student Build Confidence in Advocating for Themselves

About this Module

University is a time of transitioning to young adulthood for all students. Self-advocacy is a valuable skill to master new and challenging situations. Tune in to hear how you can play a role in helping them build the confidence needed to advocate for themselves.


Maintaining Connection

About this Module

Worried about losing touch with your new university student? Concerned that you won’t find time to connect? With all the changes to come, you and your student may have different schedules, lifestyles, priorities, or live in different cities. This transition can be difficult and we want to help you to optimize your connection regardless of these changes. Join us to learn how!