Supporting Your Wellness & Well-being at Western

    Coming soon: Recovery College 

    Launching Winter 2023, Wellness & Equity Education and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences are collaborating to establish a Recovery College at Western University to enhance mental health support for students.

    A Recovery College is a unique mental health and well-being learning center where people with lived mental health experiences (i.e., experts by experience) come together to co-create, co-deliver, and discuss courses on topics that support mental health. (e.g., skill building, recreational, vocational, etc.). Recovery Colleges are rooted in the principles of connection, self-identity, hope, meaning, and empowerment. If you have questions about the Recovery College, please email

    “I've found Ontario Shores programming to be life-changing, and it means a lot to participate in creating something that could really improve someone's life.”

    Want to get involved with the Recovery College?

    Are you interested in influencing mental health & well-being programming at Western? Stay tuned for ways you can get involved in the Recovery College coming in 2023.

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    Wellness extends beyond just your physical well-being; wellness includes emotional well-being, financial well-being, sexual well-being, and more. Learn about all areas of wellness and how you can support your well-being at Western.