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Leadership and Enrichment

Getting involved with us online and developing your leadership skills is a good way to stay engaged in your learning.

Resources To Support Online Involvement

Leadership and enrichment programs are working hard to create exciting new opportunities for you to attend and participate in online. 

Western Peer Leaders Program

Student Experience recruits hundreds of student leaders each year. Recruitment will begin early 2021. These student leaders are referred to as “Western Peer Leaders” and are current students (undergraduate or graduate) who volunteer or work for the areas within the Student Experience portfolio.


Co-Curricular Record

Keep checking Western Connect because we have leadership positions and programs continuing to happen in online spaces.

Remember to add these to your record so you can tell the story of all your involvements, even while you're away from campus!



There are many opportunities to support the London community and beyond, while also developing your skills and network. With much of the world moving to online formats there are also many ways to get involved virtually. 



Learn to Lead 

Learn to Lead is a free program that provides you with an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge that will help you become a truly effective leader. Learn to Lead’s curriculum consists of 10 workshops offered four times per year at “Summit” conferences. 


Western Scholars

The Western Scholars program is designed for exceptional student leaders interested in pursuing a unique and rewarding academic experience. Through this program, students are recognized as high achievers and are provided opportunities to participate in diverse activities to enhance their university experience. The Western Scholars designation is noted on your academic record and your degree diploma upon your graduation.

Go to the Western Scholars page

Scholars' Publications

Scholars’ Publications represents a collaboration between Scholar's Showcase magazine and the Scholars online blog, both of which serve to educate others about student interests, experiences, and travels, by showcasing exceptional talents and abilities within the Scholars programs. 

Apply for positions or learn more on the Scholars' Publications page

Western Student Research Conference 

Apply to present your research at the Western Student Research Conference (WSRC), Western University’s annual university-wide and multidisciplinary undergraduate research conference currently running in its fourth year. The WSRC strives to showcase research and work from students of all faculties, attracting researchers from universities across Ontario.

Learn more on the Western Student Research Conference website


For more information about Leadership and Enrichment, visit the Academic Support and Engagement website.