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Social Connection Support

Staying connected and involved in the Western community while you’re away from campus and practicing social distancing is important to your well-being.

Thrive Online: Your Virtual Western Community!

Visit Western's brand new student community blog site - Thrive Online. Thrive online is a space for Western students to tell their own stories in their own words. We know that being socially connected and able to share our learning is a vital part of being able to thrive, and we believe it can also happen when we’re online. We’ll be posting stories written by Western students that help us celebrate, engage, relate, entertain, and educate each other.

If you want to be part of building this space and sharing your voice, visit our Contribute Page to find out how to submit your own post!

Social Media

Social media is a great tool available that you can use to connect. Follow any of the accounts below to stay up-to-date on information, events, and programming!

Accounts to Follow:

Student Experience

SE on Instagram: @WesternuStudentExperience
SE on Facebook: WesternStudentExperience
SE on Twitter: @WesternuSE

University Students Council (USC)

USC on Instagram: @WesternUSC
USC on Facebook: Western USC Facebook
USC on Twitter: @WesternUSC

Western Mustangs

Mustangs on Instagram: @WesternMustangs
Mustangs on Facebook: WesternMustangs
Mustangs on Twitter: @WesternMustangs

Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

SOGS on Instagram: @WesternSOGS
SOGS on Facebook: Western.SOGS
SOGS on Twitter: @WesternSOGS

Western International

Western International on Instagram: @westernuinternational

Western International on Facebook: International & Exchange Student Centre at Western

Western International on Twitter: @westernuintl

Indigenous Student Centre

Indigenous Student Centre on Instagram: @westernu_indigenous

Indigenous Student Centre on Facebook: Indigenous Student Centre at Western