Board of Governors, May 27, 1999 - APPENDIX II



1. Appointment of Architect for the Medical Sciences Building Renovation Project

At its meeting of May 17, 1999, the Property and Finance Committee approved the award of the Consultant Contract for the renovations to the Medical Sciences Building to the design team led by Malhotra Nicholson Architects Inc. The commission will include updating a previous report and the development of a detailed phased implementation plan at a cost of $37,500, and design services for the first phase of the project at 7.75% of the total construction cost.

The Medical Sciences Building is made up of 20,400 square metres of facilities that were constructed in 1965. The HVAC and fumehood systems are in need of a major overhaul. The deferred maintenance study of the campus identified the Medical Sciences Building for major maintenance. As well, the functionality and physical layout of the laboratories and teaching facilities is, in some cases, problematic. In 1997, a study was completed on the condition, the effectiveness of space use, and the functionality of the facility. This study indicated that approximately $20 million was required to address Code and deferred maintenance issues. An additional $8 million was required to upgrade the facility for modern teaching and research. This commission is to take the development of the project to the next step, that is, to carry out the following: