Board of Governors - APPENDIX IV - June 28, 2000



Revised Policy - Flying of Flags and Banners

Recommended: That the policy on Flying of Flags (Policy 1.2) be replaced by a revised policy entitled "Flying of Flags and Banners" shown in Annex 1.


The current flag policy (Annex 2) was established in 1978 and has not been revised since. It therefore includes outdated references to the University's Centenary Year (1978). Faculty members as well as the University Students' Council (USC) have written in recent months to comment that the University should make more extensive use of flagstaffs currently on campus to display patriotism and University pride. Campaign Western is set to launch within months and there is a desire to ensure it has a high profile for staff, faculty and students, as well as visitors to campus. An update to the policy is appropriate at this time to accommodate these suggestions and requests.

The policy articulates what the official University flag shall be. The suggested design incorporates the heraldic elements of the University's coat of arms while maintaining the public's identification with Western purple. The one color screening ensures the flag is visible from afar.

The new policy broadens the current policy on flying flags of the University's partners -- allowing the flag of a major externally-sponsored event, such as the 2001 Canada Games, to be flown on campus during the time of the event. Under the current policy, the United Way flag is the only "external" flag permitted to fly.

The policy allows for a USC request that the Canadian flag be allowed to fly in front of the University Community Centre as is common at many student centre buildings on Canadian university campuses.

For the first time, this document also formally articulates a policy for the flying of banners on campus which mark major fundraising campaigns.