Board of Governors - APPENDIX VI - November 22, 2001



Board Membership

Recommended: That the Board of Governors reappoint Stephen Adams to the Board for a second four-year term (ending February 28, 2006).


The Board of Governors appoints four external members to the Board for four-year terms (once renewable). Currently the Board-appointed members are:

Rosamond Ivey

Don McDougall

Stephen Adams

Carol McAulay-Weldon

January 1, 1998 - December 31, 2005

January 1, 1998 - December 31, 2005

March 1, 1998 - February 28, 2002

May 25, 1995 - May 24, 2003

2. Brescia University College

Recommended: That the Board of Governors of the University advise the Principal and Council of Trustees of Brescia College that the University has no objection to the College adopting the name "Brescia University College" on the understanding that Brescia College/Brescia University College will not seek to acquire the power to grant degrees.


In May of 1999, the Board of Governors passed a motion similar to that shown above, indicating that the University had no objection to Huron College adopting the name "The University of Huron College". The then-Principal of Huron College advised that the College wished to adopt the name "University of Huron College" to distinguish itself from Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. It was the view of the Huron College Board at that time that this change would raise the College's profile, particularly in the recruitment of students overseas and in its other international initiatives where potential students and organizations outside the Province of Ontario assume that Huron College does not hold university status. In the end, the name change that was granted was Huron University College which came into effect with the enactment of the Huron University College Act, 2000.

The Principal of Brescia College has advised the University that Brescia's Council of Trustees wishes to change the name of the College to Brescia University College for reasons detailed in her letter to the President of the University dated November 5, 2001 (see Annex 1).


1. Board Meeting Dates in 2003

The Board of Governors will meet on the following dates in 2003:

January 30

May 1 (Budget)

June 26

September 25

November 27

2. Appointments to Committees

Student Services Committee: Tom Vine (term to April 30, 2002)

Standing Committee on Campus Recreation: Tom Vine (term to November 1, 2002)

Robarts Research Institute Board of Directors: Dr. Carol Herbert, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, has been nominated for reappointment to the Robarts Research Institute Board of Directors for a four-year term, November 2001 - November 2005.