Animal Care and Veterinary Services

The Research Education Program at Western and its Affiliates

Anyone wishing to perform any animal research work at Western or its affiliates must be trained as per the requirements of their specific Animal Use Protocols.

In order to sign up for training, your name must first be listed on an approved AUP. If you are not, the Principal Investigator (PI) must submit a Protocol Modification to AUS office via eSirius. Once that information is received and processed, a Research Education staff member will automatically register you for the online courses and workshops required. You will then receive a registration email to inform you that you have access to the courses. If applicable, dates for hands-on workshops will be set at the same time and will be included on the email.

Workshops have been grouped into training sessions in order to provide sequential training for the most frequently requested information.  The training sessions and workshops are hands-on. You will receive information on location and of any prerequisites such as completion of online course content.  Online course sessions and quizzes must be completed prior to attending the workshop.

For more information on our training sessions and workshops, please see our Research Education Training Course Outlines and Pricing (PDF).

Workshop Sessions begin at 0900 or 1300 unless notified of another time. Please familiarize yourself with the location of your class to avoid tardiness. Students who do not arrive on time may be asked to reschedule the workshop and may have a fee charged for rescheduling.