Fourth Year

Fourth Year Courses

Integrated Seminar (AH 4410E)

This capstone seminar will centre on a specific theme or hot topic, to be examined from various disciplinary and methodological perspectives in the Arts and Humanities in which students have been trained in the Program. Building on students' local and regional community involvement to this point in the Program, the Seminar may involve travel to a national or international site for the purpose of undertaking intensive fieldwork. The seminar topic will be led by a Visiting Scholar invited to participate in the Program, with the contribution of one or more Research Fellows. Course curriculum will be determined by the Visiting Scholar and/or Research Fellows in dialogue with students, who will be asked to engage with the seminar’s themes in terms of their individual research interests developed throughout the Program. Among a variety of assignments, then, students will be asked to design and execute a major Independent Research Project whose applied study will reflect the results of their national or international fieldwork. Prerequisites: AH 2210E and AH 2220E 3 hours/week, 1.0 course

The capstone experience for all Year Four students in the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities is the Integrated Seminar. For 2018/19 we’re thrilled to announce that Shelley Niro is our Visiting Research Fellow. Shelley Niro is a multi-diciplinary artist, and a member of the Six Nations Reserve, Turtle Clan, Bay of Quinte Mohawk. She has worked in a variety of media, including beadwork, painting, photography, and film. Her work challenges stereotypical images of Aboriginal peoples. The first part of each week’s class will be open to all SASAH and Western students, faculty, alumni, as well as the general public, followed by a closed session exclusively for Year Four SASAH students.

The winter term will be a series of seminars and lectures led by Professor Laurence DeLooze, that addresses professional and academic issues, geared towards helping our graduating students transition into life beyond SASAH.

Prerequisite: AH 2200E, 2220F/G, 2230F/G

Experiential Learning in the Arts and Humanities (AH 4490 F/G to 4493 F/G)

These courses will capitalize upon the various applied skills acquired in the Program in order to launch students on their future academic or career trajectories. Each course will thus focus exclusively on some practical element of the professional development of critical and research skills with an eye to preparing students in any number of fields from postgraduate study to jobs in the private and public sectors. Typically students will take up either an internship or a community engaged learning project, in any number of settings or in organizations with which the School collaborates: research team; print or digital editing and publishing; public or human relations; cultural event organization; curatorial, museum, or gallery planning; film or video production, etc.

Students can choose which courses they enroll in. Module requirement is 1.0 courses from AH 4490F, 4491F, 4492G or 4493G.