Graduate Programs

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures encourages students to see the world through many different cultures, languages, literatures and media. To this end, we offer two different Graduate Programs, Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies.

Western’s program in Comparative Literature has recognized strengths in various literatures (especially – but not limited to – American, Canadian, Classical, English, French & Francophone, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish). What distinguishes it from similar programs across the country (Toronto, Alberta, Montreal...) is the insistent focus on critical theory, postcolonial literature, East-West cultural relationships and inter-media studies (particularly visual art and film). Many of those teaching in the program are well established scholars of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and 18-20th-century cultures.  Comparative Literature at Western offers both an MA and a PhD program.

The Hispanic Studies Graduate Program distinguishes itself from others through innovative approaches to teaching and research.

We offer two areas of concentration at the Masters and Ph.D. levels: 1) Hispanic Literature and Culture and 2) Hispanic Linguistics.

In Literature and Culture our strengths are Digital Humanities, Transatlantic Studies, and the intersection of Hispanic literature with Film, History, Music, and Visual Arts.

In Linguistics our focus is on an experimental approach to language acquisition, language loss, heritage speakers, and language change due to contact.