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Our students represent an extremely wide variety of research interests in periods, languages, genres and theoretical approaches. The program attempts to promote a truly global understanding of literature and is proud of its international diversity.

Heather Auksi

Completing her Honours Specialization in Comparative Literature at UWO, Heather is currently in the second year of her Masters Program. Her MA thesis focuses on the political and narrative appeal of Dante's Commedia for Holocaust survivors searching for a way to express their experiences. Heather hopes to continue with academics furthering her interest with Dante's corpus and his political concerns through his works. Staying at UWO for her MA has allowed Heather the opportunity to co-organize the CLC Graduate Student Conference and the CL Forum. She has also been enjoying the teaching opportunities, which is the main reason she chose UWO for her MA.

Kevin Godbout

I am from New Brunswick and received my MA in English from York University before coming here to Western. I began my PhD graduate studies in English, then decided to come over to Comparative Literature this past September. My languages are French and English, with some German. I'm a bit overly dedicated to the works of English artist William Blake, but I am working to expand my horizons, especially in literary theory. Benjamin, Deleuze, Derrida, de Man, Nietzsche, Hegel and Foucault are forming parts of my horizons and constellations. I've studied the history of French and English and I'm particularly enthusiastic about the various religions and "mysticisms" of the world. I tend to investigate various frames of origins in my reading and I hope to turn these readings into an eventual research project and PhD dissertation.

Agnes Herra

Agnes Herra is a third year PhD student in Comparative Literature. Her dissertation project is on postresistance literature, specifically in the Polish and African-American literary traditions. She completed her BA in English at Queen's University and her MA in English and Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her research interests include memory, trauma, resistance writing, human rights narratives, postcolonial literature, American studies and Polish Literature.

Jennifer Anne Kozak

My name is Jennifer Anne Kozak and I completed my BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies with a Specialization in Translation from the University of Waterloo in 2004.? Several credits towards my degree were obtained while participating in exchange programs at the Universidad de Holguin in Cuba and the Universidad de Nebrija in Spain.? I completed my MA in Hispanic Studies at the University of Western Ontario in 2010.? During my degree I received recognition for my teaching abilities as a Spanish 1030 Teaching Assistant and was the On Site Coordinator for an exchange group to Holgu?n, Cuba.? I am now working on a PhD in Hispanic Literature at the University of Western Ontario.? Currently, I am a Coordinator for a new program in the department called Community Outreach which is designed to involve the first year Spanish language students in the University’s Hispanic community.? I still make time to teach Salsa and Latin Dance so my dance students can participate in the Department’s annual variety show, Noche Heretica.? I am obsessed not only with Latin Dance but also with traveling through Latin America every chance I get and experiencing Hispanic Culture first hand.

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