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NSERC CREATE - Important Information

Successful applicants will consist of a group of accomplished researchers, who will work collaboratively to offer a defined research training program to a group of trainees. This environment will provide trainees with experience relevant to both academic and non-academic careers. The research training experience can target any trainee level: undergraduate students, graduate students (master's and doctoral) and postdoctoral fellows. Successful applications will be those best able to demonstrate the benefits of their proposed research training experience to their targeted trainees. A yearly quota has been established for each university and only those researchers selected at their university can submit Letters of Intent.

Letter of Intent Review

RD&S INTERNAL Deadline: April 3, 2012

NSERC Deadline: May 1, 2012

To apply, researchers must first submit a Letter of Intent for a Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program Grant (NSERC Form 187). As institutional approvals are required at the LOI stage and Full Proposals are by invitation only, Letters of Intent for the NSERC CREATE program must include a ROLA Proposal.

NSERC must receive the required material by the deadline date. Only those who submitted a successful notification of intent will be invited to submit a Full Application. Full Applications  for the NSERC CREATE program must also include a separate ROLA Proposal.

Please contact RD&S as early as possible as you work through your application. Ensure that you consider the eligibility requirements for applicants, co-applicants and collaborators described on NSERC's Web site under Eligibility Criteria as well as the Institutional Eligibility Requirements.

Program Contact

Silke Nebel
SSB 5163

519-661-2111 x87970