BiotronWestern Science


The Biotron is located on Perth Drive between the lower greenhouses and the Chemistry building.



Dr. Brian Branfireun, Director t: 519.661.2111 x 89221 e:

Carrie Hamilton, Administrative Officer t: 519.661.3777 e:

Steve Bartlett, Facility Manager t: 519.661.2111 x 89039 e:

Analytical Services

Qasem Alsharari, Lab Supervisor QA/QC t: 519.661.2111 x 87780 e:

Yong Liu, Analysis Technician t: 519.661.2111 x 81551 e:

Jeff Warner, Analysis Technician t:519.661.2111 x 89045 e:

Integrated Microscopy

Karen Nygard, Microscopy Specialist t: 519.661.2111 x 88061 e:

Dr. Richard Gardiner, Microscopy Specialist t: 519.661.2111 x 82241 e: