Table of Contents

Introduction & Acknowledgements

Steve Lyons
Oxfordshire Oaks: De(con)structing the Image Icon

Ashley Wilson
Dissident Needles: The Influence of the Multifiber Arrangement on the Art World

Andrea Dixon
Exhibition Report: Mackenzie House and the ROM

Lindsay Dennison
Fashion and Interior Decoration: Enforcing and Accommodating Sexualities

Sara Pickering
Object vs. Subject: Women in Art and Medicine (an Exhibition)

Sharday Mosurinjohn
Strategies of Museum Education: Curating Material Culture, History and Values

Warren Serrano
Experiencing a City Through its Underground: The RATP as Curator

Jon Sarma
Art in the City of Sobriety: ‘New Objective’ Visions of Weimar Berlin in the Print Portfolios of George Grosz and Walther Ruttmann’s Berlin: Symphony of a Great City

Melba Dalsin
Vasari’s Life of Andrea del Castagno and Domenico Veneziano:
A Study in the Practice of Writing Art History

Katherine McFadden
Contemporary Native Art in a Primitive World