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Western monitors Environment Canada forecasts for weather affecting the campus and its operations around the clock.

Western is currently operating on a regular schedule.

Issued at 2014-11-23 10:43AM EST by Environment Canada:
Special weather statement continued for:
   London - Parkhill - Eastern Middlesex County, Ont.
Current details:
Rain, wind and mild conditions tonight and Monday.

A rapidly intensifying disturbance brewing in Kansas is setting its sights on Ontario. It will track towards Lake Michigan tonight and cross Northeastern Ontario on Monday.

Rain, at times heavy, will arrive this evening in Southwestern Ontario and quickly spread to all other regions overnight. Rainfall amounts of 15 to locally 30 mm are expected before it tapers to showers on Monday. This may have some impact on the snow melt for parts of the snow belt regions around Lake Huron and Georgian Bay which received significant snowfall in the past week. Some localized flooding is possible in these areas.

As this weather system crosses the province on Monday, strong winds will strengthen to 50 gusting to 70 or 80 km/h out of the southwest. Localized gusts to 90 km/h are possible in some areas. Winds of this magnitude may bring down some limbs or the odd tree, and cause sporadic power outages. Wind warnings may be required.

Please monitor the latest forecasts and warnings from Environment Canada at www.weatheroffice.gc.ca.

More details on the alert are available here.

In monitoring severe weather the following terminology may be a useful guide.

  1. ADVISORY - Actual or expected weather conditions may cause inconvenience or concern but do not pose a serious threat.
  2. WATCH - Conditions are favourable for the development of severe weather.
  3. WARNING – Severe weather is occurring or is highly probable.  Weather warnings may be issued from six to twelve hours in advance.  Severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings are sometimes issued as little as one hour or less in advance.  Weather warnings may be issued for thunderstorms, tornados, freezing rain, frost, wind, dust-storm, blizzards, heavy snowfall, winter storms, wind chill.

Weather Siren

Western has a weather siren on campus, to warn community members of imminent severe weather or weather emergencies.  When the siren sounds, everyone should seek shelter immediately.

What to do when you hear Western's Weather Siren