About Us

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The Computational Brain Sciences Research Group in the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University is an interdisciplinary and highly collaborative team of researchers that seeks to uncover how the brain solves the computational problems that ultimately give rise to intelligent behavior. We build models of how the brain works using new mathematical and statistical ideas. We develop novel analysis techniques that allow us to test such models using the increasingly rich and complex data coming from modern neuroscientific measurement techniques. 

To achieve these goals, we draw on expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mathematics, and Computer Science. What makes our group special is that it is very closely embedded into the strong and vibrant research community in basic and clinical neuroscience at Western.

Mission Statement

The Computational Brain Science Research Group has a strong commitment to training students, staff, and faculty in modern computational neuroscience techniques. Our unique strengths is tight integration with laboratories that conduct empirical neuroscience research at Western at the Brain and Mind Institute, the Robarts Research Insitute and others. We are aiming to leverage these strengths to establish Western as one of the leading centre for Computational Neuroscience in Canada.