Program Overview

The Graduate Diploma in Climate Risk Assessment and Opportunity is structured to emphasize multidisciplinary learning, inter-professional education, societal and environmental impact and life-long learning.

Students are required to take the mandatory common course, in addition to three courses from within an Area of Specialization of your choosing. Western University operates on a three term system;

Fall- September

Winter- January





Selected courses are offered each term, and run the full length of the term. All courses are offered fully online. All courses are asynchronous, with the exception of courses offered in the Business and Climate Impact (Ivey Business School) area of specialization. 


Requirements for the Graduate Diploma in Climate Risk Assessment and Opportunity can be fulfilled in:

  • 4 Semesters (16 months), assuming one course is taken each semester
  • 6 Semesters (24 months), assuming two courses are taken each year


All four courses must be completed within a three-year period.