Public Afternoons at the Hutchinson Suite

The Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite has a public afternoon at the suite once a month. The next public afternoon is:

Summer Rocks!

Saturday, August 10th 2024 from 11am-3pm

On Saturday, August 10th from 11am-3pm, the Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite at Western University (North Campus Building, room 120) will be hosting a public event - Summer Rocks! As summer vacation time starts to come to a close, join us to learn about the rocks you may encounter on the rest of your summer adventures! Do you want to learn how to identify rocks that you find while exploring? Have you ever wondered what types of fossils you might find while you are out hunting? We will have displays and activities that will get you familiar with the rocks you might see in Ontario and beyond!
Activities for children are recommended for ages 6 and up. As always, this public afternoon at the Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite will also include beautiful exhibitions of rocks, minerals, fossils and meteorites from around the world. We look forward to your visit!


For events held at the Hutchinson Suite, please use our exterior entrance from the North Campus Building parking lot, next to the black sign for the "Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite".

If you require an accessible entrance, please enter through the front doors of the North Campus Building and come around to room 120, at the back of the building on the main floor. 

Image of the exterior door of the R. W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite.


There is no charge, and no reservations are necessary; come and go as you please throughout the afternoon. The University has free parking on the weekends; check the "Visitor Parking" link and our map with the location of the R. W. Hutchinson Suite.