About Physical Therapy


Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We will be a global innovator in physical therapy dedicated to enhancing functional mobility for the attainment of health and wellness.

Our Mission

We develop and promote excellence, leadership, and innovation in physical therapy research, education and clinical practice, with an immediate focus on harnessing and growing our strengths in musculoskeletal health.


  • Evidence-informed practice. We recognize the importance of research and knowledge translation in physical therapy, including the development and implementation of clinical and cost-effective strategies to enhance the mobility of Canadians.
  • Leadership. We aspire to be leaders in our teaching, learning, research, and scholarship to a level of excellence and innovation that is recognized internationally. We have high standards for the recruitment and performance of our faculty, staff, and students in a competitive and ever-changing environment.
  • Collaboration. We recognize that solutions to Canada’s most significant and complex health care challenges may be found where disciplines intersect. We promote and support interdisciplinary partnerships through building capacity for collaborative physical therapy research and teaching.
  • Safety and Respect. We foster a safe and respectful learning and work environment in which all students, staff, and faculty can aspire to excellence and success. Our commitment to social responsibility includes a commitment to improving quality of life and life-long function through ethical and evidence-informed care.
  • Resilience. We adapt to changes in health care, and research and learning environments with flexibility, transparency and openness. We prepare our students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers in their learning and practice.

Programs Offered

Professional Programs

Develop the skills and expertise to be a leader in your field through our Master of Physical Therapy and Advanced Health Care Practice programs.

Research-Based Programs

Research-based programs in Physical Therapy are offered through Western's graduate program in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences.