Another June 20th tornado in Manitoba

NTP investigation has resulted in the confirmation of another EF1 tornado in southwest Manitoba from June 20th, plus a number of areas with downburst damage.

An NTP survey team documented a large area of light damage with pockets of more intense damage, running from the Sidney and Worby areas NE through MacGregor and north of Bagot (see map below). There is enough evidence with the damage NW of Bagot to confirm an EF1 tornado there (red line).


The preliminary summary for the tornado event is provided below, along with accompanying photos. Some photos from the downburst damage are also provided. This event will be studied in more detail in order to arrive at final event assessments for both the tornado and downbursts.


Event Name: Caye (MacGregor), MB

Date: June 20, 2023

Start Time: 11:30 PM CST (0430 UTC)

Classification: Tornado (over land)

EF-Scale Rating: EF1

EF-Scale Damage Indicator / Degree of Damage: C-FSGB/DOD2

Start Location: 49.9906N, 98.6987W

Location of Worst Damage: 50.0275N, 98.6274W

Description: Structural and tree damage reported in area. No injuries were reported. An NTP ground and drone survey was completed in the area on June 24, 2023, documenting the structural damage along with grain bin damage and tree damage along a track appox. 7 km long and 800 m wide at maximum. Damage assessed as EF1 tornado (over land), with an estimated max. wind speed of 135 km/h.

Grain bins tossed and tree damage near the end of the tornado track.

Trees down from various directions along tornado path.

Roof damage from downburst south of Austin.

Structural and tree damage from downburst NW of Bagot.