Report a Tornado

tornado in the field

Be a part of citizen science: report your observations

Why Contribute?

Advancing our knowledge of tornadoes in Canada requires a better understanding of where and when tornadoes occur as well as their intensities.

Reaching our goal of recording every tornado that occurs in Canada can only be achieved with important contributions from the public, in the form of witness observations and damage reports.

You can help us improve the Canadian tornado record by submitting your observations to our Northern Tornadoes Project team.

What are we looking for?

  • Photos, video or detailed eyewitness descriptions of a tornado or a funnel cloud aloft, over land or water
  • Photos, video or detailed descriptions of notable localized wind damage that occurred with a thunderstorm
    • Buildings and other human-made structures: with or without foundations, from garden sheds all the way up to warehouses and high-rises; power poles and electrical lines; flag or light poles; signs, etc.
    • Trees: from broken large branches up to snapped or uprooted trees
    • Tossed items: from fences and outdoor furniture up to farm equipment, trailers and vehicles 
  • Tornadoes on Twitter: to ensure that NTP will see your tornado-related tweets, make sure to tag @NTP_Reports in your tweet!